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P2M (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

P2M was established in 2003 to offer products in all areas of contamination control - we supply clean air devices, cleanroom furniture and equipment, cleanroom consumable products, including the commissioning, service and validation of new and existing cleanroom facilities. P2M also provides a comprehensive product range to assist you in the management of your ESD control program.

P2M designs and builds cleanrooms in Thailand. We are a manufacturer of cleanroom equipment such as air-showers, pass-boxes, laminar flowhood and cleanbooths.  Our factory also produces top-quality cleanroom garments and uniforms. With our local manufacturing capability in Thailand, we can offer superior customization and faster response to our customers.

P2M offers a full range of contamination control and ESD control products. These include :

a) Cleanroom Equipment - Air Showers, Pass-Boxes, Laminar Flowhoods

b) Cleanroom Design and Construction - utilizing Fan Filter Units, Clean Wall Panels, Raised Perforated Floor; customized Clean Booths.

c) Cleanroom Garments and Consumables - Smocks, Booties, Wipers, Gloves.

d) Cleanroom Audit Equipment - Kanomax Particle-Counter / Anemometers.

e) Cleanroom Perfomance Testing and NEBB Certification.

f) ESD Consumables - Wrist Straps, ESD bags, mats, curtains, labels.   

g) ESD Equipment - Ionizers, field-meters, volt-meters, resistance-meters.

As your "Cleanroom partner" we assure the optimum performance of your clean room facility and program to meet your specifications.

We are committed to working and growing with You and your business.