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P2M (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

P2M is set up to offer products in all areas of contamination control - clean air devices, cleanroom furniture and equipment, cleanroom consumable products, including the commissioning, service and validation of new and existing cleanroom facilities. P2M also provides a comprehensive product range to assist you in the management of your ESD control program.

P2M is a full service cleanroom company offering superior quality products to our customers. Our engineers are professionally trained in state-of-the-art contamination control techniques, products and applications for cleanroom, computer room and other specialized environments in the electronics, optoelectronics, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare industries.

We understand that our customers are often sensitive to product availability, P2M keeps stock of quality products, allowing us to reduce our response time to you.We Provide you the advantages of a complete contamination control program including :

a) Efficient one stop procurement;
b) Fully coordinated planning, scheduling and implementation.
c) Single point accountability , and
d) Substantial time savings in the completion of your project.

As your "Cleanroom partner" we assure the optimum performance of your clean room facility and program to meet your specifications.

We are committed to working and growing with You and your business.