About us

Corporate Profile

P2M (Thailand) was established in 2003 to offer products used in all areas of contamination control - we supply clean air devices, cleanroom furniture and equipment, and cleanroom consumable products. We provide cleanroom services, including commissioning, audits and validation of new and existing cleanroom facilities.

P2M also offers a comprehensive product range to assist you in the management of your ESD control program. We are able to walk with you and perform ESD audit for your facilities and assist you to develop solutions to your ESD issues.

P2M a fully service-orientated company offering superior quality product to our customers. Our engineers are professionally trained in the latest contamination / ESD control techniques, products, and application for cleanroom, computer room, and other specialized environments for the semiconductor, pharma-ceutical, biotech and healthcare industries.

Our Products

P2M offers a full range of cleanroom contamination control and ESD control products. Please feel free to visit our website for more product information
(such as product images, and equipment specifications). We broadly classify them as follows :

1. Cleanroom Equipment and Construction Materials

  • Cleanroom Facility - We manufacture air-showers, pass-boxes, clean booths, and so on. We are also an authorized distributor for
    the Fedders Mac-10 Fan Filter Units.
  • Cleanroom Furniture - We manufacture shoe cabinets, garment booths, tables, work-benches, and so on.
  • Cleanroom Monitoring / Audit - We are the exclusive distributor in Thailand for Kanomax particle counters, anemometers and cleanroom audit
  • Cleanroom Housekeeping - cleanroom mops, vacuum cleaners, and so on.

2. Cleanroom Consumables

  • Cleanroom Apparel - We manufacture Cleanroom and ESD Garments, Smocks, Hoods, Caps, Aprons, Booties and other apparel items.
  • Cleanroom Gloves and Finger Cots - Latex, Nitrile, Vinyl, Knitted gloves, and others.
  • Cleanroom Wipers / Swabs - polyester, polycellulose, microdenier, and others.
  • Cleanroom Stationery - paper, pens, folders, notebooks, and others.
  • Tacky-mats - commonly placed at cleanroom entrances.

3. Cleanroom Performance Testing and Certification

We have a strategic partnership with Nextech, the first National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) certified firm for cleanroom performance testing in Malaysia, to meet your cleanroom verification and certification needs.

4. ESD Consumables

  • Personnel Grounding - Wrist-straps, Heel-grounders, various grounding straps.
  • ESD Shielding Bags / Moisture Barrier Bags - ESD protection packaging.
  • ESD Mats - for ESD-safe work surfaces.
  • ESD Accessories - ESD labels, ESd-safe curtains, IPA-bottles, and so on.

5. ESD Equipment

  • Ionisers - We carry a range of ionisers brands from US, Japan and China.
  • Audit equipment - We carry various brands of fieldmeters, voltmeters, resistance meters for a complete range of ESD audit equipment.