The Phileas concept is based on spinning disc technology, which allows for a very efficient diffusion of a liquid into calibrated droplets of 5 to 10µm, and can diffuse the resulting dry fog into the enclosure, volume or room to be treated, doing away with the need for a propulsive gas or a nozzle system.

The Phileas system is very simple, reliable and efficient.

What is Airborne Disinfection ?

This is a new way of disinfecting volumes, rooms and installations by creating a fog which will diffuse in an enclosed space and will contact all surfaces.

This terminal disinfection should take place after cleaning sensitive areas, and enables the disinfection of hard-to-reach areas (high-up surfaces, hidden or even normally closed areas).

Used when the room is vacated (no risk to user) and can be planned to take place during off- hours (at night for example, so there is no waste of time).





We have a series of models that can meet serve your room volume. There is always a Phileas model for your room, from 0.25 cubic meters up to 600 cubic meters.


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